Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No more first-day jitters

We all had a good laugh this morning—my husband and I and the friends who were here for a visit. 

Hubby, a new retiree, recently filled out applications, submitted documentation and underwent the appropriate checks for his next career—as a substitute teacher in a nearby school district. 

The school board was to meet this week to place its seal of approval on the new subs, so it wasn’t a surprise this morning when my hubby received a call asking him if he could teach today.

What was a bit of a surprise was the phone number, which began with our old area code. Before he answered the caller’s “Can you come in today?” question, he asked, “What school district is this for?”

It turned out the caller was from a district not far from our old home in Illinois. My husband lives and is licensed to teach in Missouri. He laughed and answered, “I am registered to substitute teach, but I live in Missouri now. “

And we all got a chuckle when we learned of the caller’s response, as she joined in his laughter, “I guess you probably can’t make it in time, then, can you?” 

She’d misdialed the number she meant to enter.

The good thing for Hubby is that the first-time anxiety has passed. If he never gets a call from the local district to help in one of its classrooms, at least he can always look back and remember the day he got called to sub almost a school day’s drive away.

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