Books worth reading

I love books. I love reading. I admire people who can take words, put them on a page and touch lives forever.

From the first book I remember, “A Child’s Garden of Verse” by Robert Louis Stevenson to the one I’m finishing as I begin this blog, “Stranger to the Ground” by Richard Bach, words within the pages of hundreds of volumes have touched me, taught me, transformed me.

I’ll use these posts to talk about old favorites, share thoughts on what I’m reading and let my readers know about books they may want to read.

(And, no, I will not review books upon request for publishing houses or authors whose works I don’t read who wish for me to promote their works. I’m writing this blog for my joy, and having to please someone else will take all the pleasure out of my adventure. If, on the other hand, I choose to review a book, it will be because it did bring me joy.)

Read these posts to see some of the books I've enjoyed:

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