Monday, May 13, 2013

An emerald dream come true

What’s on your wish list? Are there people you want to meet, things you want to try, places you want to visit? 

For me, it’s all of the above and more. 

Some people say dreams are more likely to come true if you write them down. I tend to believe it. 

A few years ago, a friend of mine created a ‘50 at 50’ list. Over the next few years, I watched as she made one after another of her dreams reality. 

It took me a while, but eventually I created my own list. Each year, I cross off the dreams I’ve seen come true, replace the ones that aren’t important to me anymore and add enough to make the number of dreams equal to number representing my most recent birthday. I’m working on 60 at 60 for a couple more weeks; then it will be time to look at the list once again. 

Recently, I crossed off a big one – one of the biggest, perhaps. I went to Ireland – and so did my mother. We talked about going a number of years ago, but one thing after another seemed to get in the way, and we didn’t make the trip back then. 

This time, thanks to lots of free airline miles, my mother and I were able to cross the Atlantic for nothing. Once there, we had expenses, of course, but the overall cost was considerably less than it would have been had we had to pay for our air fare. 

I think both of us have held a little piece of this dream in our hearts for most of our lives. 

My mother’s mother, full-blooded Irish, was always proud of her heritage. Her ancestors had come from the Emerald Isle, most during the potato famine. One young married couple lost their first-born daughter on the overseas journey. Like many of her day, little Mary was buried at sea. 

Mother grew up hearing this and other stories from my grandma and great-grandmother. Grandma and mother shared them with me. 

Through the years, I think Mother and I imagined that Ireland must surely have been a magical place. We longed to see it and painted it in our imaginations brighter than the gold in a leprechaun’s pot. 

From the moment we stepped off the plane, and I suggested we kiss the ground for Grandma’s sake, (we didn’t, though) to the time when we stepped from the Dublin airport floor back onto the ramp to our Boeing 767, we felt as if we were living a dream. And, indeed we were.

In coming blog posts, I’ll share snippets of the places we visited, the sites we saw, the people we met. 

Was the dream worth the effort, the experience all we’d hoped, the time the gift we thought it would be? 


What’s your dream? 

First, imagine it. Then, put it down on paper. Next, work to make it come true. All you’ve got left to do after that is to savor it. 

We sure did. 

© Ann Tracy Mueller 2013 (Words and image)